Summer Nail Trends: Nudes

Summer Nail Trends: Nudes

Nothing looks more summer-cool than nude nails on a beach bronzed hand.

As you know, I’m obsessed with nail colours – it’s the quickest, easiest and probably one of the most affordable ways to change your mood in an instant. This summer, I’ll show you six of my favourite nail colour trends to try on your nails. Kicking off today with Nude Nails.

Now, there are two kinds of nude; Simple nudes like beige and soft natural skin tones, and then slightly more amped shades with a hint of pink or muddy browns.

Take a look

Nude as in naked

If you want to create skin toned nails, I love these three colours. Three different shades of nude, but each with their own unique style and benefits…

Of the three my fave is Tip Top Nail Chic in Cotton Beige. This colour has a slightly more yellow tone and is solid and full – kinda like gel. Yves Rocher in Beige Nacre offers a nice sheer tint (where you can still see the seperation between your nail bed and tips). Inglot 630 is slightly more metallic and offers a nice solid colour in two coats. What I like about this polish is that it’s breathable, so it’s like you’re not wearing any polish at all.

Add a dash of pink

Pastel pinks, lilac,s browns and muddy tones are also fabulous alternatives to beige. Again, these colours look fantastic paired with taned hands…

Of these four, my fave would be a toss up between Tip Top Nail Chic in Melting Marshmellow for its’ super Barbie-pink tone and OPI Panda Monium Pink for it’s lovely lilac, solid colour!

If you’re more into browner shades, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mudslide and Yardley Quick Dry in Broadway are both great picks

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