TREND REPORT: Fabulous Fedora’s

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This summer make like the stars and protect your face from the sun, while looking effortlessly stylish in a chic and simple fedora hat.

We’ve found three fabulous fedora’s in three great styles from South African retailers… Check it out…

Jenny McCarthy makes a stylish statement on the beach in a black bikini and black fedora. Get this 100% paper one from Edgars for R79.95.

Rachel Bilson finishes off her simple day look with a cute fedora hat while shopping. Get this one from Woolworths Country Road for R299, made from 100% paper. We love the cute rope detail.

Lindsay Lohan wears a classic white fedora on the beach. We found this cute one from online store 36 Boutiques for R129. It's made of 100% paper and it's also available in other colours.

  • Candice Parkin88

    Love the woolworths fedora! :)

  • Tanya

    I love this cute hats but where would you wear something like this?! It looks silly wearing it out… Any advice?

    • StyleScoop

      Tanya, these are great for the beach or when you’re spending time outdoors in the sun to protect your face :)

  • insteadofanelephant

    i forgot all of my hats at home and this post makes me sad because i don’t have them with me!

    instead of an elephant

  • Estelle De La Rey

    hi – i made a fashion statement Sunday looking at the stunning art at Heart in the garden by wearing my white fedora -next my navy and then need to invest in a black fedora x