Green & Gold Springbok Inspired Looks by @InglotSA

Green & Gold Springbok Inspired Looks by @InglotSA

I asked Inglot‘s Brand Consultant and National Trainer, Luciano dos Santos to send me some tips on how to create perfect Sprinkbok inspired green and gold eye makeup.

Luciano says that “green and gold are great colours to use together.” He also warns that you should be very careful not to over do it or else your look could end up looking over dramatic – unless of course, that’s what you’re going for!

Luciano sent us three looks that you can try this Rugby season to support our Springboks in style!

Green & Gold Makeup Look 1

  • Brush a frosted neutral(creamy colour ) with a golden reflect over the eyelid and blend softly up onto the brow bone.
  • Line the bottom eye line with a frosted green (either chatreuse or even a moss green) blend into a faded line.
  • Finish of by adding a black liner around the rim of the eye – top and bottom.
  • Apply a few layers of mascara for long and thick lashes.

Green & Gold Makeup Look 2

  • Apply a satin finish or matte green over the eyelid. Any shade of green is suitable for this look.
  • Apply a darker colour green in the crease and BLEND. Shades must flow into each other. Almost like an airbrushed effect.
  • Take a gold eyeshadow and apply in the centre if the eyelid and blend.
  • This creates a dimension to the eye and lights up the centre of the eyelid.
  • Apply a sheer application of gold on the inner corners of the eyes and brush the colour on the bottom eye line, towards the middle. This must not be a visible line, but just a touch of gold.
  • Finish off with black eyeliner and lots of mascara.

Green & Gold Makeup Look 3
“Colour eye liners are a must for the season” says Luciano.

  • Use a green gel liner or even a green eye pencil for this look.
  • Draw a thickish line along the top lash line. Draw the line slightly outward, into a point, on the outer corners.
  • A golden reflect loose powder or shimmer eye shadow can be brushed over the green for added glamour! The gel or pencil will absorb the powder and will last for a very long time.
  • Again, add a lot of mascara.

“A cute and quirky fifties look!!!!!”

StyleScoop gets the look!

On Friday I went to┬áInglot to get my Springbok makeup done by their fabulous artist Tasmyn at Gateway. Being a sucker for Inglot’s gel liners, I decided to try out Luciano’s 3rd look, you know, the “cute and quirky fifties look”…

Normally, I don’t like green on my eyes, but this gel liner rocks! The look did end up looking a little more dramatic than Luciano’s tips (and I can’t say I didn’t love it, coz yeah, I did) by adding pair of false lashes from Inglot. Tasmyn painted them slightly darker with a gel liner and oh, I love the pretty pink lipstick.

Overall, I loved the look and will definitely wear this more often. The false lashes were so cool, but not something I think I could wear all the time. Tasmyn was a pro at applying them, I’m not that seasoned just yet!

One thing I must say about Tasmyn, is although she did a killer makeup look (that lasted all day and night, yep I went out that night), the most impressive part was how she contoured my cheekbones. Man that chick knows how to use bronzer! Although the pic doesn’t do them justice, my cheeks were just glorious! She used a bronzing powder with green (yes green) and gold reflects and it came out amazeballs!

If you try this or other Springbok inspired looks out, comment below and upload your pics. Would love to see!


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