Lee Stafford Launches in South Africa – Event Pics

Lee Stafford Launches in South Africa – Event Pics

Yesterday, I was down in the beautiful city of Cape Town. The reason; to attend the official media lunch of a brand new hair range that’s just hit our shores, and to meet the man himself, Lee Stafford.

For those of you that haven’t heard about Lee Stafford, here’s a little insight. Lee Stafford is a UK based, multi-award winning, celebrity hair dresser that started his hair dressing career in his Mom’s dining room. His big break came when he won the Men’s British Hair Dresser of the Year award in 1997. It was there that he met his business partner, Graeme Riddick MD of the Lee Stafford brand and after two years of tough negotiations, Lee finally launched his range into British mega store Boots.

After being in Boots for only a few months, sales were down and Lee Stafford was forced to get innovative to double sales. He was given six months. This is when Lee launched POKeR STRAiGHT FLaT iRON PRoTeCTION ShINE MiST into the market. Sales for the Lee Stafford brand trebled almost overnight, with virtually no advertising at all. “The press went crazy” Lee told us, and the Daily Mail also nominated POKeR STRAiGHT FLaT iRON PRoTeCTION ShINE MiST as the number one iconic hair product of the last decade in the UK.

Now, you may not know this, (I didn’t) but Lee Stafford was also the first brand in the world to launch a heat protecting spray for use with flat irons. It took the rest of the hair dressing world two years to catch up and bring out their own heat protecting sprays.

The iconic POKeR STRAiGHT FLaT iRON PRoTeCTION ShINE MiST together with the full range of Lee Stafford products are now, finally available in South Africa thanks to Clicks.  The range is all beautifully packaged in hot pink containers with the brand’s cute and well known Staffordshire Bull Terrier logo.

With cool names like my BiG FAT Healthy HAiR ShamPOO, I HaTE my HAiR the DaY it’s waShed, HoT sHOtS 2minute Miracle Repair and my personal favourite, HaiR that neVer GROWs past a CERTAiN LENGth, is a complete range of affordable, professional hair care.

All the products have a beautiful scent that smells heavenly, but what I love most about the range, is how the product names speak to your emotion. I mean, I have long hair that really doesn’t grow past a certain length, and so the name HaiR that neVer GROWs past a CERTAiN LENGth, really hit the spot!

While talking about his range, Lee demonstrated how to do beach babe curls; the kind of hairstyle that makes you go, has she or hasn’t she styled it? I’ll do a blog on it later, but for now here’s a quick preview…

Using Lee Stafford POKeR STRAiGHT FLaT iRON PRoTeCTION ShINE MiST and following his mantra; Horizontal sections, horizontal wand, leave the ends off and wrap the hair around the wand from underneath, Lee showed us how easy it was to do this look, even when styling yourself.

I’ll definitely be trying this look out. I’m hopeless with curls, so I’m keen to give it a bash.

Thanks so much to Clicks for inviitng me to be part of the launch. Watch this space, I’ll let you know what I thought of the products soon…

This is what I got in my goodie bag… let the styling begin!

Dimi Ingle

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