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I have a confession to make! I’ve never been a huge fan of ghd‘s Thermal Protector spray, so I was really glad when they got rid of it and re-invented it into the all new Heat Protect Spray with the new Heat Protection System technology.

No more choosing the right heat protector for your hair type, the new ghd Style Heat Protect Spray is a one-size-fits-all-hair-types heat protector and so, so much better than the Thermal Protector spray.

First up, it smells divine – like all the new ghd Style products do – and it isn’t sticky like the Thermal Protector spray. I sprayed it on my hand without rinsing it off and there was zero sticky residue. I love that!

On the hair, it feels great, lightweight and keeps your locks protected when styling with heat.

I have straight, quite fine hair – although lots of it – so I find that too much product can weigh it down. This one doesn’t. When I’m only blowdrying my hair, I usually spray ghd Style Heat Protect on my hair when it’s damp before blowdrying. If I’m straightening my hair after it’s air dried, I spray the product onto a comb or brush and then comb it through the hair, instead of spraying it directly onto my hair.

You can spray it directly onto your hair, it’s up to you, but I find that using a comb or brush works better as I don’t get too much product on my hair.

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ghd Style Heat Protect Spray
is available at approved ghd Salons for R180. For stockist information please visit

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  • Rone’ Scheepers

    I had exactly the same opinion of the ‘old’ protect spray. Made my hair dry, sticky and just eeeuw. I have naturally curly (read :frizzy as hell!) hair, so GHD-ing my hair (I prefer soft waves) is a must. I’ll definitely consider putting this on my Christmas list ;)