Make Mine Gatsby

Make Mine Gatsby

The trend of fashion-tv has meant that this year’s “Boardwalk Empire” had made “Mad Men” so last year (or 1950 to be precise) and we’ve since turned back the clocks further to the 1920s.

And back then they were sure of two things, and that’s how to have a good time and how to dress the part. Prohibition parties allowed woman to embrace their femininity with body skimming gowns, with the popular “flapper” still trending today. Woman back then exuded glamour – from burlesque bombshells to city girls with their cigarette holders and red lips – and so girls it’s party season after all, so get inspired.

And what’s Daisy Buchanan without Gatsby? 1920s men, in their three piece suits (no matter what the weather ) were just as dapper, and just as influential at affirming how a man’s-man should dress. To this day, the Goslings and Timberlakes of this day dress up, instead of down, complete with fedora, loafers and cufflinks. Burberry have repeatedly ranged tweed and wool suits, symbolic of the “classic” man.

A remake of “The Great Gatsby”, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan, is currently in production so I’m predicting that the trends of the 1920s are here to stay.

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Bronwyn Holmes