Product Review – Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger

Product Review – Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger

I’m loving this new range of haircare products by well known brand Paul Mitchell. It’s called awapuhi Wild Ginger and it’s the hair care range for modern women! Eight beautifully packaged, sleek products all of which feature a natural extract called “Awapuhi”, as well as a KeraTriplex™ complex that helps to strengthen and protect your hair leaving you with lovely, silky smooth locks.

Hawaiian natives have used the fragrant juice of the Awapuhi Ginger plant to moisturize skin and hair.

As I’m sure you’ve heard Keratin is all the rage – think Brazilian Keratin treatments. Well ladies, this range is perfect, not only because it injects keratin into your hair, but the shampoo in this range is safe to use if you’ve had a Brazilian straightening treatment as it is sulfate-free.

I got to try out three products from this range, including; awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, awapuhi Keratin Cream Rinse and awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment.

Take a look…

The awapuhi Moisturizing Lather Shampoo is lovely and smells gorgeous, fresh and fabulous! A small amount really goes a long way. Unlike traditional gel-texture shampoos, this one is more like a foam and feels creamy without weighing down the hair. It leaves hair looking sleek and hydrated.

Suggested Price: R210 for the 25oml bottle and R475 for the 1 litre bottle.

My fave product is the awapuhi Keratin Cream Rinse which you use as a conditioner, or instead of conditioner. Anyways, it’s a conditioning treatment and I love because it really does detangle. My hair is fine and super straight, and it’s very prone to tangling. Paul Mitchell makes the best de-tanglers! Ages ago I used a Paul Mitchell detangling spray that really worked wonders in reducing the tangle in my hair, so I really trust PM when it comes to detangling.

This formula does says “cream” rinse but don’t worry, it’s a very light cream and doesn’t weigh your hair down. The directions suggested to massage from root to tip, but because my hair is so fine and flat, and gets very greasy, very quickly, I try to keep conditioning treatments off my roots.

Suggested Price: R225 for the 250ml and R500 for the 1 litre bottle

A great treatment product from the awapuhi range is this Keratin Intensive Treatment.

I stupidly packed the treatment instead of the Cream Rinse when we went to Cape Town recently for a holiday, and because my hair cannot survive without conditioning, I used this as a conditioner instead – every day! Not the brightest plan as my hair got greasy quicker than usual, but on the plus side my hair got lots of intensive treatment and looked super sleek for the first half of the day, at least.

This product is supposed to be used once a week as an additional treatment.

All in all a great range. For more information and to find a Paul Mitchell salon in your area, visit and click the “haircare” tab and select “Paul Mitchell”

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