Brows That WOW

Brows That WOW

I’m somewhat of an obsessive eyebrow plucker. I can’t stand random brow hairs, and I get extremely irritated when a brow hair makes the slightest re-appearance. One black dot, and it’s got to go! No time to grow!

I also battle to find tweezers that work, so I’ve been holding onto a pair of nineteen-voetsek scissor styled Tweezerman tweezers. Seriously, I think they were my aunt’s from the 60’s! They are definitely way older than me (and it shows), but they still work, which is more than I can say for those cheap hunks of junk they sell these days at supermarkets and pharmacies.

A little while back I was sent a package from BROWTICIAN that included a set of eyebrow stencils (more on that later) and a pair of Slant Tip Tweezers; one of many tweezers they have on offer. My first thought was, “looks good, but probably won’t work”. Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally given my old tweezers the retirement they deserve!

The BROWTICIAN Slant Tip Tweezer (R99.95) comes in this handy little compact, which helps to protect your tweezer tip and it also doubles as a mirror compact! I love the design of this tweezer and the bling-bling on the end!

Plucking your brows is seriously simple with this bad boy. The slant tip edge allows you to grab onto the hair and lets you pull it out, the first time without breakage. Nothing is worse than attacking the same hair a million times, only to have it slip through the tweezer tips (that often happens with those el’ cheapos I mentioned above), leaving you with a nice red scab to draw attention to your bad tweezing job! Not with these! Tweezing is a breeze; quick, simple and scab free!

All BROWTICIAN tweezers are made from titanium-plated Japanese stainless steel. The tips are also hand ground which helps with precision.

Another thing BROWTICIAN does besides kick-ass tweezers are these eyebrow stencils. They work like this;

  • Firstly choose your brow shape from four different template options. They are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • Place the solid template over your brow to see how it will look. Each one comes in a clear strip, so it’s pretty easy to see how the brow will look.
  • Once you’ve chosen your desired style, grab the corresponding stencil, hold it over your natural brow and fill in with a soft pencil. Turn the stencil over and repeat on the other side.
  • Now that you have defined the shape of your brows, use your BROWTICIAN tweezers to remove all unwanted hair outside the stenciled shape.
  • Dust off any excess pigment, brush your brows and you’re ready to go! Easy huh?

Guess how much these babies cost? R39.95! They come in the same cute little box as the Tweezers and inside you get four templates and four stencils. A nice little way to keep them all together

Get them! Both the BROWTICIAN brow stencils and the BROWTICIAN tweezers are available at selected flagship Woolworths stores. Or you can call Sunpac on 011 444 7132 for details.

Dimi Ingle

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