Fab Finds at the I Heart Market

Fab Finds at the I Heart Market

This weekend was the last I Heart Market in Durbs for 2011. A gorgeous day to market and as always, filled with fabulous finds… Here’s a lil sneak peek at what I snapped up…


There is no doubt about it, Daniela’s Macaroons are Deliciously Decadent. Girl really knows how to make your mouth water! Her macaroons are the very best, soft and creamy centres sandwiched between delicious melt-in-your mouth meringue. Beautifully presented in this box and at R60 a pop (for six macaroons) it ain’t cheap, but man oh man are they good.

I loved how the girls at the stand were giving me tips to keep them fresh, Hah! Ya right! Like they would really last that long :P.

Don’t Fake it Bake it

I got this cute fabric print from ikhayastore’s stall. I love it to bits and think it will look great in my kitchen. I have a huge “Keep Calm and Carry On” sign in my office, but this one is perfect for the kitchen. It’s made by Mia Widlake and it’s actually a dish cloth! But it’s too pretty for that! I plan on hanging it on my kitchen wall – just as soon as I find a fab frame for it.

Vintage Hat Box

Yay for my first vintage hat box! Isn’t she preddy? Yes, she is old, yes she is damaged a little, but yes, I do love her! I contacted Irene from LuluShop via her blog and she bought it along to the market so I could see it. I plan to use it to keep all my clutch purses and as a girly display in my closet room.

It’s surprisingly big and fits all my purses, plus there is space for a new one or two 😉

Cute Wooden Signs

I wish I could remember where I bought this cute wooden block print, but I’m totally smitten with it. They had all different ones, but this one caught my eye straight away. I started building my own version of the wall of frames in my hallway, which I’ll blog soon – and this print sits perfectly between my husband’s and my baby photos. Love, love, love.

While I didn’t buy any vintage clothes, I guess it was too damn hot to be worried about clothes, I did find two great little Durban vintage clothing stalls, Guard The Vintage and Cadman & Bailey who had a beautiful Burberry Coat for R1500! It was too big for me, and I am the world’s worst at taking things to be tailored, but it was a great find! I’ll be keeping my eye on these two.


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