Cute DIY Christmas Gift Tags

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Have you wrapped everything yet? Are all the gifts sitting pretty under your tree waiting to be ripped open on Christmas morning, or are you still putting off hitting the malls?

This year I left my Christmas shopping to (almost) the last minute. I hit Gateway yesterday, with a bang, but am happy to report, after a full days shopping, it’s all done! Yay!

One thing I couldn’t find was cute gift tags for all my prezzies. They are all so last season, with the same old boooooring Christmas decorations and I desperately wanted something different.

I found these adorable DIY gift tags that you can download online!

How absolutely beautiful? I love the double tag strip, which I’ve used on all my girly gifts. I got so inspired by these tags that I decided to lose the boring, not to mention overpriced Christmas wrapping paper alltogether and instead go with brown paper – wrapped with the shiny bit on the inside. I tell you, it makes the gifts look totally different and they look fabulous under my tree. For all my kiddie presents however, I used Christmas wrapping.

These cute cards are by Hey Look, and you can download these printables here – Free! They have a mint and coral version (which is what I used) and a bright, funky green & pink version too!

I did love the green and pink, the colours even resemble my two companies, StyleScoop and dotcommedia, but I had already bought some red raffia ribbon, so I thought I’d stick with the mint and coral to avoid clashing. Maybe next year, I’ll use the pink and green!

Dimi Ingle

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