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Most modern guys have a thousand-and-one things to drag around with them and there is nothing worse than having your hands full trying to keep all your ďstuffĒ together.

A really stylish or quirky bag can take care of all your ďstuffĒ and can also create a unique and fashion forward look for yourself at the same time. Get a bag that suits your needs and personality to ensure a stylish yet practical look!

Get your hands on these awesome bags (from top left)

Zatchels Leather Satchel Bag Ė This is the perfect young professionalís bag, it is both stylish and refined to meet your style and work needs.
R1933.62 available at

Yves Saint Laurent Tote Bag Ė The ultimate fashion forward bag is a Tote, and this black leather design by YSL is a must for any trendsetter.
R21 781.75 available at

Mulberry Leather Messenger Bag Ė A Messenger Bag is a great option for professional guys on the move, get them in dark or distressed leather for a chic alternative style.
R12 752.20 available at†

Jansport Neon-Print Backpack Ė If you are rocking a hip-hop or young trendy style then this Neon-Print Backpack is a great idea to keep all your gear.
R446.22 available at

Sandqvist Sailor Duffel Bag Ė A Duffel Bag is great for ďguyís guysĒ, and is the perfect bag for sport or gym.
R1189.92 available at

Leather Weekender or Carry-On Duffel Bag Ė The biggest trend in bags this season is leather and this Leather Carry-On Duffel Bag is great for guys that like to travel.
R2655.19 available at

By StanRaw
Photo source on request