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December 29, 2011

Most modern guys have a thousand-and-one things to drag around with them and there is nothing worse than having your hands full trying to keep all your stuff together.

A really stylish or quirky bag can take care of all your stuff and can also create a unique and fashion forward look for yourself at the same time. Get a bag that suits your needs and personality to ensure a stylish yet practical look!

Get your hands on these awesome bags (from top left)

Zatchels Leather Satchel Bag This is the perfect young professionals bag, it is both stylish and refined to meet your style and work needs.
R1933.62 available at

Yves Saint Laurent Tote Bag The ultimate fashion forward bag is a Tote, and this black leather design by YSL is a must for any trendsetter.
R21 781.75 available at

Mulberry Leather Messenger Bag A Messenger Bag is a great option for professional guys on the move, get them in dark or distressed leather for a chic alternative style.
R12 752.20 available

Jansport Neon-Print Backpack If you are rocking a hip-hop or young trendy style then this Neon-Print Backpack is a great idea to keep all your gear.
R446.22 available at

Sandqvist Sailor Duffel Bag A Duffel Bag is great for guys guys, and is the perfect bag for sport or gym.
R1189.92 available at

Leather Weekender or Carry-On Duffel Bag The biggest trend in bags this season is leather and this Leather Carry-On Duffel Bag is great for guys that like to travel.
R2655.19 available at

By StanRaw
Photo source on request

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