My Cleanser Routine

My Cleanser Routine

Seeing as we’ve just started a brand new month and a brand new year, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my two favourite cleansers of the moment and my cleansing routine.

I love, love, love OptiPhi products and use the whole range on my skin. I’ve also recently discovered Filorga’s Foaming Cleanser and its so awesome, I just had to include it in my daily skincare routine.

I use the Filorga Foam Cleanser at night because it doubles as a very effective makeup remover, while in the mornings I stick to my trusty OptiPhi Facial Cleanser.

Both of these products are great and leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated. I don’t use toner on my skin, I find that it usually leaves my skin irritated. After cleansing, I skip straight to my Optiphi Ageless Active Gel and moisturiser.

What is your cleansing routine? What products do you use? Comment below and let us know


Dimi Ingle

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