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Cheryl Cole Launches New Shoe Line

January 4, 2012

Cheryl models her shoe line (image via

Shoe lovers, listen up! Cheryl Cole has finally launched her eagerly-awaited shoe collection for The limited edition range is starting off with a few styles (but more to come), with pairs priced from R1 000 to about R1 500, covering glam platforms, glittery sandals and high-heeled ankle boots.The singer-turned-shoe-designer has personally given her stamp of approval on the whole process from design to packaging and said that her shoes had to be glam and girly to reflect her personal style.

Although the shoes do not appear to be lacking in terms of design, there have been rumours of them being poorly constructed. The particular heels in question were unfortunately the ones that Cole referred to as her signature shoes.After a complaint, the company is now warning that the one style might be faulty but they are offering a replacement pair or a refund if the stitching fails.

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