Beckham, a Baby and one Kanye

Beckham, a Baby and one Kanye

Three big stories have been trending this week, here’s all the scoop.

David Beckham – the designer

David Beckham is following in his wifey’s footsteps, designing a range of bodywear  for high street giants H&M. The collection contains nine pieces of briefs, boxes, shorts, vests, tees, PJs and long johns – all in cotton and made primarly for comfort, complete with non-scratch labels. Apparently the collection is inspired by Beckham’s own undies drawer, and the footballer-turned fashion designer said that it was a “challenging” and “rewarding experience”. Here’s a sneak peak to the collection, available at H&M from the 2nd February – enjoy ladies!


Kanye West – the designer

Last week, notorious Twitter ranter/rapper Kanye West dropped seventy Tweets in two hours. What was he talking about you ask? Fashion apparently. There was a whole lotta rambling about how he’s been involved in fashion for the past eight years, how he interned at Fendi, turned down a job at Versace and how being a celebrity has given him so many opportunities but is “boxing” his creativity. Get to the point Kanye! Basically he’s working on his clothing line in London, which debuted last fall in Paris to very mixed reviews, and it’s going to be called “Kanye West” – original. Oh, and he also mentions that he’s pursued his passion for fashion out of his own pocket and pays for everything himself.

 Blue Ivy Carter

New York, Saturday 7 January 2012, a music maestro is born – Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy (not the plant). The proud parents, worth a combined $750 million, bought out the entire forth floor (a mere $1,3 million) of the Upper East Side hospital, with staff having to hand in cell phones and tape over security cameras. But just as well since no photos have been leaked and it’s reported that both mother and baby are “doing just fine”. And back to Twitter, Blue Ivy was trending for most of Sunday and as expected all their celeb friends from Aunty Rih(anna) to Diddy to sister Solange were Tweeting about the couple’s new arrival – Kanye hasn’t said anything yet.

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