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The Inside Scoop on Charlize’s Critics Choice Hair

January 17, 2012

How gorgeous does Charlize Theron’s hair look in this pic? It was taken at this years’ Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards this past Thursday, 13th January 2012.

Charlize was nominated for the best actress award for her role in the film “Young Adult,”and she looked sleek and sexy on the red carpet in her black Azzedine Alaïa dress. To compliment her dress, Charlize’s long-term hair stylist, Enzo Angileri, created a gorgesous do that accented the sophisticated Spanish Flamenco mood of the dress.

“This look is an homage to Latin beauty: strong, elegant, and graceful,” says Enzo. “The condition of the hair had to look very healthy, smooth and polished – but with a subtle touch of texture that kept it modern. I used a selection of Moroccanoil products to create this style.”

 Wanna know how Enzo created her look? Here’s the inside scoop

“Hair was first shampooed with Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo, and Moroccanoil Light worked through the hair to create a foundation for a soft and graceful look. It also helped protect Charlize Theron’s naturally wavy hair from the heat of the blow dryer as I brushed it straight.”

“I parted the hair on the right side, then made a braid using hair at the nape of the neck. I made this first braid gradually larger and looser as it reached the opposite side, and secured it with a pin.”

“Next, I took the remaining hair and created another thinner braid above the first one. The two braids were directed toward the left ear.”

“I then twisted both braids together in a round, low bun and pinned them. I made sure to keep the shape generous and flowing, and carefully positioned the bun so that it would look intriguing from every angle.”

“I finished with a light misting of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine to add a luminosity that would highlight the shape and flow of the bun.”

 What an amazing look! I think I might try it out. What do you guys think of it?

Image of Charlize by Steve Granitz (WireImage) – used with permission

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