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Get your fashion fix on your iPad with these apps

January 27, 2012

Man, oh man I love my iPad! I have no idea how I went through life without it. When I first got mine I downloaded every app under the apple sun! Lately I’ve started deleting a lot of them and kept only my faves. Every time a friend buys an iPad, they always ask “what apps are cool”, so today I thought I’d share some of my fave fashion fab apps.


The Cut

Totalz, 100% free, The Cut app is your ticket to front row at fashion week! The app lets you browse all the shows, all the news and all the looks from anywhere in the world! Better yet, the pics and videos are such high quality you will literally feel like you’re sitting right in the front row, sandwiched between Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham!


Similar to The Cut, allows you to view the latest runway shows and videos, but it also has a nice “Parties” tab where you can get your celeb fashion fix and see who wore what on the red carpet. It’s also a free app to download and very addictive.

What I Wore

If you’re into taking outfit pics to help you remember what you wore out or on a daily basis, then What I Wore is the app for you. You can either take a photo if you have an iPhone or iPad2 as it has a camera, or if you’ve got an iPad 1 you can select images from your media gallery.

It’s a pretty simple app, I would have preferred it if you could make little side notes on your outfits etc, but nonetheless, it’s a fun app to help you keep track of how you’ve styled your own outfits, categorized by date.


If you love Zara clothes, then you’ll love this app. The Zara app allows you to check out the latest collection, campaigns, people and videos. If you’re in one of the countries that offers online shopping from Zara, then you can buy online too. Sadly, this is not available to South Africa, and while you can’t view the South African collection (yet) it’s still nice to know what’s out there.


You might remember that I did a whole blog post on the Pose application the other day. I love Pose because you can follow stylish people who upload their photos focusing on fashion, style and beauty. It’s also a free app, so make sure you get it. Remember to follow StyleScoop when you sign up 🙂


An absolute must have if you love magazines! Zinio is a free application (you pay for the magazines though) that lets you browse magazine titles around the world and download them. Recently, Vogue UK became listed on Zino’s store and I am so happy! I was reading Vogue Italia before, not that I understood a single word, but the pics helped. Anyhoo, I love this app because you can keep all your mags in “archives” and refer back to them without them taking up space in your bookshelf. Another plus is the number of titles, but the cherry on top is the price.

Typically you’d pay – well I used to pay – over R100 for an old issue of Vogue magazine. I downloaded the February 2012 issue just now and it cost $6 which is still under R50. There are also loads of local mags in the store, so you can still keep up with your local glossy fix.

Mood Board

Not really a fashion app, but a really amazing one nonetheless and I guess you could use it for fashion, I do. Mood Board is a great app if you’re into making inspiration boards. You can even add borders to photographs and give them an authentic cork-board-look with drawing pins and tape effects. Supercool! Although the app is paid for, you can download the free version, but it’s very limited and so addictive you’ll probably end up buying the paid version anyway.

I use it a lot to make inspiration boards of stuff I love. This one is about… of course, shoes! The pics are of bloggers from The Blonde Salad, Fashionable J and A Beautiful Mess. The nice thing about this app is you can even save pics from websites, import them into your Moodboard and it will remember the URL. Great for when you want to refer back to stuff.

Drawing Box

Now I know I said I’d keep this post all about fashion/ style apps, but there is an app I bought recently and I love, love, love it. It’s called Drawing Box, and you can get the free version too, but with so many cool tools, I had to have the full feature. You can draw what ever you like with different brushes and crayons etc and it looks quite authentic. You can even set a canvas background to make it look even more arty.

Well, that’s my selection of fashion fab iPad apps, but I’m sure there are more out there. If you know of any, please comment below and share.

Happy Friday

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