A Peek Inside our Readers’ Makeup Storage

A Peek Inside our Readers’ Makeup Storage

I’m always interested to see how other people store their makeup. It’s a great way to pick up tips for new storage methods that are being used. So, in my makeup storage post I asked you guys how you stored your makeup and to send through pictures of your collection. Take a look at how some of our readers’ store thier makeup.

Tracy (via email) keeps her makeup stored in a pretty Marylin Monroe box. Meryl (via email) keeps her stash inside this stylish silver case that opens up to make it easy to view all your makeup at once.

Bronwyn’s (our Trend Friend via email) makeup lives in an anitque drawer,”all mixed up nd romaind free”. Bronwyn chooses her look o the day based on what shiny shadow grabs her attention. Her faves include mettalic shadow, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, a pair of false lashes and a great red lipstick.

Bronwyn’s sister, Nix is a makeup artist and she likes to keep her stash organized. @CassiCass_TM (via Twitter) organizes her makeup to match her bathroom, where she does her makeup. This is how @natsgore (via Twitter) likes to keep her makeup organized – in matching clear boxes that make it easy to find. Lastly, @lizetheunicorn (via Twitter) keeps her collection packed away in pretty tins. Her nail polish is kept in a fish bwl, while her brushes live in glass jars.

Well that’s it, I hope you enjoyed these makeup storage ideas and that they’ve inspired you to clean up your makeup kit.

Dimi Ingle

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