Trend Report: Turning Scarves into Cute Summer Tops

Trend Report: Turning Scarves into Cute Summer Tops

In case you missed last weeks’ awesome Trend Report, here’s how you can turn your scarves into cute summer tops and expand your wardrobe for less!

I don’t know about you, but I love scarves and belts! I find that they really help to inject a unique style into your outfit, setting it apart from how everyone else might be wearing it. Plus, they are generally inexpensive which means you can always be on trend.

Scarves and belts have many uses. One of the ways I’ve been wearing them lately is by turning them into unique, flowy tops – perfect for summer! It’s so simple, you will be amazed at the amount of looks you can create with a cute scarf and a skinny belt.

To show you how simple and easy this look is to pull off, I popped into Woolies last week where I found the cutest scarves. They always have a beautiful selection of trendy scarves and with prices so low; you can afford to be trendy!

Although Woolies had a whole selection of belts and tanks to choose from, I absolutely loved this pink leather belt from Suga Suga (R120). This belt is ideal for creating this look. What I liked was that it adjustment holes throughout the belt, so you can wear it wherever you want – in this case, cinched in at the waist.

As for the tank, I went with a simple nude tone tank, but you could also use other colours that match your scarf to create a more streamlined look.

Want a flowy, boho look Sienna Miller style? Then these two scarves are ideal. They have a pretty lace trim that adds a nice boho look to the scarf. They are both long, rectangular scarves so they fit really well when transformed into tops. The black one with blue flowers is cotton (R99.95), while the cream one (R99.95) is viscose and perfect for summer days. You can wear these options with little denim shorts, and even jeans.

Longer scarves, like this abstract one from Suga Suga (R99.95) also works for a pretty top. Instead of wearing it with jeans, try this option with leggings to give you a slimmer silhouette at the bottom. If you’re worried about how your leggings look at the back, you could even wear a fitted bodycon dress in a light fabric so that it doesn’t create too much bulk.

I fell in love with this leather OBI belt from Suga Suga (R399). The pinky-red colour really gives this top a bold look!

Sticking with longer scarves, these two polka dot scarves from studio.w (R140 each) are sheer, making them ideal breezy tops. They look good with both thicker band belts, like this brown leather OBI belt also from Suga Suga (R399) or a skinny belt in a contrasting colour, like this leather one from Suga Suga (R120). It’s the same one that I’ve been using on all the looks above.

To keep your scarves looking good, I found these cool flocked hangers at Woolies for only R59.95. What a score! You can use them to store scarves in the loops and use the hooks for belts. You could fit 10 scarves and 11 belts on them. If you’ve got cupboard space, the hanger makes it easy to just hang them on the rod, or you can hook it behind your door.

What to look for when choosing scarves
When transforming scarves into tops, keep an eye out for scarves that are long and rectangular or big squares. Avoid those little neckerchiefs as they won’t work for this look. I’m not a huge fan of tassels hanging off scarves, especially with this look, so try stick to plain fabrics, or ones with a lace trim down the sides and not at the bottom of the scarf.

When choosing belts, go for skinny or bold! If you find a belt you absolutely love, but it doesn’t have adjustment holes in the right places, you can always take it to your local cobbler and ask them to make more holes for you. I wouldn’t try this with synthetic belts, so try look out for leather ones. Woolies always keeps a range of leather belts, so you’ll probably find what you’re looking for there.

If you would like tips on how to make this look work, we’ve got an awesome video on StyleScoop, where stylist Sydne Summer shows you how to transform your scarf into a shirt. Check it out here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Trend Report and that you’ll be trying out some of these looks. All the items featured in this Trend Report are from Woolworths, so make sure you check in to pick up your fave scarves!

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