Join The (J.) Crew

Join The (J.) Crew

For those of us who love fashion but are not economy-inclined to buy it, collaboration lines are the way to go. There have been some great ones like Lanvin for H&M, the eagerly awaited Jason Wu for Target and let’s not forgot  Karl Lagerfeld’s H&M and Macy lines.

These have all interested me and if I was overseas no doubt I’ll be queuing early to get my hands on a little something something. But it wasn’t until recently have I found the fashion gods really blessing us. Shoe lovers, I give you the collaboration line between Manolo Blahnik and J. Crew. The Spanish footwear designer who gained worldwide exposure thanks to Carrie and the girls has created a line of heels in prints and various colours for J.Crew.

Prices and availability have yet to be released but just getting a first look at the shoes will suffice for me. Late Valentine’s Day present anyone?!

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