Optiphi Moisture Control Ultra – Rich Repairing Moisture Review

In the past month or two I’ve been for two facials, and both times the therapists pointed out that my skin was a little dry. To be honest, I did’nt notice it too much, but after using OptiPhi‘s new Moisture Control Ultra Rich Repairing Moisturiser for over a week, I can definitely see a huge difference.

My makeup seems to last a lot longer (and I haven’t changed my foundation). My skin also looks much healthier with a younger glow. It feels fabulous and I think I’m now hooked on this moisturizer. Before I was using OptiPhi’s Moisture Light Control, but this one is definitely more me!

My routine now starts with me cleaning off my makeup with Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse, cleansing with OptiPhi’s Facial Cleanser, applying OptiPhi Eye Signs Active Gel or Moor’s Eye cream, Optiphi’s Ageless Active Gel and now Optiphi’s Moisture Control Ultra, followed by either an OptiPhi SPF 30, Payot SPF 30 or my 100 SPF from Bioderma. A true recipe for fabulous, flawless skin.

OptiPhi’s Moisture Control Ultra has a whole lot of skin benefits, such as:

  • Providing the skin with long lasting cellular hydration
  • Reducing the signs of aging
  • Promoting skin rejuvenation
  • Assisting with the reduction of inflammation (yes, yes, and yes!)
  • Helps to prolong the cell lifespan by maintaining telemere length
  • Helps to restore the skins homeostasis
  • Protects the skin cells from oxidative damage
  • and respects the skin’s Physiological PH balance

This product is available in Salons that carry the OptiPhi range. For stockist details call 012 667 6244/3 or visit www.optiphi.com


Dimi Ingle

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