Beige like Beckham

Beige like Beckham

I went for my third Shellac colour last week, and I’ve gotta say I am in love with Shellac! My nails have never looked healthier, or naturally longer. Best of all, my nail colour lasts for two weeks solid, and it shines beautifully from start to finish.

So I’ve tried a dark colour like Asphalt, a pretty pink called Gotcha, and this time I was feeling a little Beckham – Victoria Beckham that is! As a true Beckham devotee, I’ve got her book “That Extra Half an Inch” and in it she says that beige nail polish does to hands what beige shoes do to legs – make them look miles longer.

Beige is such a pretty colour, very sophisticated and glam! This one I did from Shellac is called “Cocoa” – mmm!

There is also gorgeous beige nail polish out there for all you DIY gals. One of my faves is Cotton Beige from Tip Top Nail Chic. Inglot and Yves Rocher also make a fab beige, but with a bit more sparkle!

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To find out which salon offers Shellac, you can call their head office on (011) 791 4027 or visit the CND South Africa page on Facebook.

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