Kanye West: Shoe Designer

Kanye West: Shoe Designer

When it comes to fashion, Kanye West can certainly dress but his design skills haven’t always been well-received. That is unless you count his footwear. His runway clothing collection was never distributed but his heels are making a splash in Paris and London. The cult clothing boutique Colette is stocking the shoes West designed for his spring line. The shoes were a collaboration between the rapper and Guiseppe Zanotti. And among reviews for his collection, the shoes were the most favourable.

Kanye is also making a splash with his footwear in London. At Australian designer Dion Lee’s debut presentation at fashion week, the sexy, modern collection was accessorized by shoes designed by Kanye. It’s no surprise that this is where the budding fashion designer is excelling. He previously received high praise for his own collection of Nike and Louis Vuitton sneakers.


Dion Lee's Fashion Week Offering With Kanye's Shoes

If the clothing thing doesn’t take off, at least he still has a foot in the door!

Images via Fashionista.com and Refinery29.c0m.


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