Louis Vuitton Epi Magic

Louis Vuitton Epi Magic

Get ready to explode with colour! Go for bold in bright hues and rainbow shades thanks to Louis Vuitton making arm candy fun again! Check out their funky new pieces in the Epi Collection!

What is the Louis Vuitton “Epi” Collection?

Epi was created in 1985 and is the first colour leather line from the house of Louis Vuitton. Inspired by grained leather from the 1920’s, it’s originality comes from the two-tone effect, making it a recognisable piece of arm candy!

The range includes handbags, small leather goods, luggage and travel accessories in traditional shapes of Louis Vuitton.

Now, Louis Vuitton has added a magic touch to the Epi leather range by introducing juicy, vibrant colours! Think bold rainbow hues from fuchsia to bright blues. Zesty oranges to butter yellows. Ohhhh, I am in love! My favourite, the unmistakably sexy Louis Vutton “Alma” handbag which is available in a range of gorgeous, Epi Colours, fifteen to be exact! Here are a few of my fave shades…

For those of you with itching wallets and pounding hearts, the Alma Epi ranges and small leather goods are already available in stores. In June shoulder bags and more small leather goods will be introduced, while in October this year, the NoĆ© handbag – which is a drawstring handbag – will make it’s appearance in store.

What Louis would you kill for?

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