Beauty Trends: Lashes and Lace

Beauty Trends: Lashes and Lace

A couple of weeks I ago I blogged about Fendi’s foil eyeshadow and sequined eye jewels at Givenchy, and at London Fashion Week I spotted two new fabulous ways in which makeup is used as a tool to accessorize.

The first of these new trends is Face Lace, which debuted at the Corrie Nielsen show. Face Lace creator and make-up artist Phyllis Cohen applied stick-on patterned lace designs for an alternative make up look. There are lots of options depending on how elaborate you want the look to be; you can use large stripes to create a “mask”, or delicate pieces for a dramatic eye make up look.

And speaking of dramatic. London based company Paperself are the first to create these paper-cut false eyelashes (below). The designs are a mix between Chinese culture and modern design, and the collection is remarkable – flowers, peacocks, sea horses, butterflies – pretty much anything you can think of! Paperself were also at London Fashion Week and literally everyone (even guys!) had amazing lashes curling upwards into hearts, flowers, and I even spotted lashes that were an outline of the London skyline.

If you want to try these make up looks for yourself, good news is that Paperself ship internationally, and the Face Lace online shop goes live at the end of the month.

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Bronwyn Holmes