Somebody Call A Doctor…

Somebody Call A Doctor…

I think I’m getting a fever! Dr Martens… are back in!

Doc’s are just one of those items that will keep coming back in fashion – kinda like bell bottoms, bad eighties hairstyles and plastic fantastic accessories. Makes me regret lending my pair of 10 ups (yes they were quite rare) to a “friend” who never returned them! Grrr! If you’re reading this, I want my friggin shoes back!

I lived in my Doc’s – I seriously remember wearing them every single day for about two years solid, and they never came apart. I was so hooked on them that I bought another pair in oxblood – remember those? – despite them being two sizes too big. Needless to say I was young and stupid and I wore them. Those buggers I do still have, but I doub’t I’ll be rocking boat feet anytime soon!

What do you think? Would you wear them? Take our poll below or add your comments at the end. For now, here are some cool styles of Doc’s and how fashion bloggers are rocking them…

White Docs?

Carla Estevez via the blog The Fashion Through My Eyes

Ruby Red anyone?

Cute look for a festival via

Classic Black?

Anything The Blonde Salad puts on, I want!

Which of the three shades I sampled do you think look best?

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