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The World’s First All-Diamond Ring

March 27, 2012

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but this is taking friendship to a whole new level. Swiss-based jewellery company, Shawish , has created an entire diamond ring out of one rock. That’s right; including the band that goes around your finger.

After taking a year to create their masterpiece (using laser equipment), Shawish claims to have broken new ground, having created “the world’s first all-diamond ring” which weighs in at 150 carats and is valued at an estimated $70 million (R531 531 543).

The world's first all-diamond ring, developed and copyrighted by Shawish Jewellery

This sparkler makes Elizabeth Taylor’s 30-carat diamond ring from Richard Burton and Kim Kardashian’s 20.5-carats look like child’s play and while some rings turn your finger green, this one will only leave you green with envy.

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