Quick Trick – How to make your foundation last

Quick Trick – How to make your foundation last

As it turns out, a flawless finished face doesn’t depend only on what makeup you’ve used, but also the tools that you use to apply your foundation and your application technique.

My two favourite ways of applying foundation are with a flat foundation brush, like the MAC 190 or the Sigma F60 Brush, and the other with a stippling/ buffing brush like a MAC 130 or the Sigma F80, Flat Synthetic Kabuki Brush. Sometimes I even use both brushes; the flat foundation brush to apply and then the buffing brush to, well, buff and blend my foundation in!

When it comes to tools, I think I’ve nailed it, but I still felt that my foundation “melted” after I applied it. Granted, I do live in Durban and it’s dang hot and humid here, so even straight after I apply my foundation, it’s so hot it feels like my foundation is melting off. That was until I discovered a new trick that I picked up from UK based Makeup Artist and Youtube Vlogger GossMakeupArtist in one of his videos.

Short, sweet and to the point this trick really works! Take a look at the video and give it a try!

I love his videos because they are almost always “quick tips” in a flash and you learn so much in five minutes! His application tutorials are fun and easy and he also updates regularly, so be sure to subscribe to¬†GossMakeupArtist.

Stay tuned for fave foundations of the moment! Coming soon on StyleScoop!

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