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Jeans that Save Water! Levi’s Water April 2, 2012

FACT: The average pair of jeans uses 60 litres of water in the finishing process. Whoa! That’s a lot of water wastage for just one pair of jeans! Thankfully though, Levi’s cares about our environment and has launched a new collection of jeans, Water<Less™.

The Levis Water<Less™ collection reduces the use of water in the finishing process by an average of 25% per pair of jeans, and even up to 96% for some styles.

Levi’s plan to make more than 13 million products this season, using their Water<Less™ finishing process which will reduce water usage by up to 172 million litres of water! That’s enough water to quench the thirst of 181, 000 people! Go Levi’s!

So which jeans are Water<Less™?
While Levi’s is aiming to use their Water<Less™ system on all their jeans, for the time being they will be launching in stores with select Demi and Supreme Curve ID Bootcut jeans as well as Men’s fits of 501®s, 504s, 511,s and 520’s.

For more information on this amazing initiative check out and be sure to hit the play button on this video to watch the process in action!

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