The Olympians

The Olympians

When it comes to sportswear I tend to grimace. Mostly because my idea of workout gear tends to be ill-fitting pants and oversized promotional t-shirts I’ve finally found a use for. I’ve never really seen the point in getting dressed up for the gym. Maybe it’s because I come out of there all red-faced and sweating; not glowing definitely sweating. But then I’ve never had Stella McCartney design my gymwear.

The Brit was the first fashion designer to try her hand at the uniforms for her country’s Olympic and Paralympic teams. She worked alongside Adidas, with whom she’s collaborated before, to create sportswear that features the Union Jack and which will be customised per sports team.

Hot on her heels, is the announcement that Prada will be outfitting the Italian Olympic sailing team while fellow countrymen Giorgio Armani will be providing the threads for the Olympic Team. The latter will also be starring in Armani’s new fashion campaign.

Over in the US, Ralph Lauren is still under contract to dress his country’s sports hopefuls. And we cannot wait to see the results. With all this fashion it’ll be hard to focus on the sports.

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