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Decor Monday – It’s Off The Wall

April 9, 2012

Do you want to bring the fun factor to your home? Keep reading for a totally off the wall concept…

At the moment I’m reviewing an awesome book on Decorating, that has sparked some interesting decor and design ideas! I’ll tell you guys about the book once I’ve read it all, but lets just say it came at the perfect time! I’m going through one of those “decor-fueled-energy-sparks” lately. Do you guys ever go through these? I love them!


Anyway, as I was paging through, I spotted a really cool idea used to maximize space in a small bathroom and I used my know-it-all friend, Google to track them down!

20120408-211457.jpgFun and functional, these unique hooks by Thelermont Hupton are awesome and will definitely bring an element of quirky playfulness to your home!

Where would you use them? How about in a narrow entrance hall? A great spot for your guests to hang their coats or handbags!


Tell me they are not super cool! If I had R1230 to play with (they are Β£90) I’d totally get one, but as always, all my savings go into my shoe fund, and that I’m afraid is enough for a new pair of Aldo’s! Ahhh addicts that budget – my Maths teacher would be proud! My pick, hmmm probably the waving hand, but I also like the OK hand. All of the gestures come in either black, white, red, orange or pink!

You can buy them online, directly from the designers via

Peace out!

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  • lillian

    LOL!! Lovely conversation topic…cool

  • Gugu_A1

    well they sure are nice… but i’m also a savvy shoe addict, so…