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Celebs Take It All Off – Their Make-Up, That Is

April 11, 2012

We always see Lady Gaga with bold make-up and everything else over-the-top, but here she is in her girlish glory without make-up, a rose gently tucked behind her ear and no trendsetting Mugler-style nails. We’ve never seen this natural girl-next-door look on her before. (I’m curious to know whether she had normal shoes on in this pic.)

Demi Lovato looks fresh as a daisy without make-up, but at her age, that’s to be expected. She looks pretty and youthful.

A fresh-faced Demi Lovato

Jessica Simpson is almost unrecognisable without make-up and we’ve included a photo where she is fully groomed so that you can see the difference.

Before (obviously)

After (pre-pregnancy pic)

This is a pic that Jersey Shore Star, Snooki, tweeted to her fans, showing her with- and without her make-up. Although this is not often the case with many celebs, we think Snooki looks far better without it and it seems that many others feel the same way. I really wish she’d also leave out the duck pout.

Snooki looks almost Kardashian-esque without make-up on

What do you think of Snooki’s make-up free look?

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