Beauty Secrets of the Stars!

Beauty Secrets of the Stars!

Want to know how your favourite celeb always looks so good?‘s Zoe Gruss reveals the stars’ beauty secrets.

Celebrity: Cheryl Cole
Famous for: Her dark sultry eyes, long lashes and flawless skin.
Secret: Cheryl uses L’Oréal Paris Telescopic Mascara, R174.95, to coat her lashes. She keeps her skin flawless by removing all make-up before going to bed, no matter how tired she is, and she has been using L’Oréal Pure Zone cleanser, R89.95, for years.

Celebrity: Jessica Alba
Famous for: Her kissable lips
Secret: Revlon ColorBurst lipstick. When she is in the mood to feel bold, her favourite shade is Plum, and when she wants a subtle look, her favourite shade in the Revlon ColourBurst collection is Blush. Try Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, R115.

Celebrity: Kate Moss
Famous for: Flawless skin and toned legs.
Secret: Iced water with cucumber and her all time saviour – Rosewater. Moss likes to spritz Rosewater on her face when on a long-haul flight to waken her tired skin. She also prefers waxing to shaving.

Celebrity: Gwen Stefani
Famous for: Blonde hair, red pout and perfectly made up face.
Secret: Practise makes perfect. Gwen has been applying the same make-up routine since school. It goes something like this: eyeliner, strong brow, a little eye shadow and RED lips! She loves MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo and MAC Lipstick in Russian Red, both R165.

Celebrity: Beyoncé Knowles
Famous for: Beautiful skin and long locks.
Secret: Beyoncé swears by going for regular treatments to ensure a spot-free complexion, and she drinks plenty of water. At home she steams her face and makes use of a cleanser, toner and exfoliating mask. Try Nivea Visage 2-in-1 Cleanser and Toner, R65.99.

Celebrity: Victoria Beckham

Famous for: Always looking gorgeous and totally glamorous.
Secret: Posh sticks to a strict regime to maintain her youthful looks. This fashionista is very careful with her skin and prefers to use gentle products. She loves using Johnson’s Baby Wipes, R29.95 for 80, to remove make-up.

Celebrity: Scarlett Johansson
Famous for: Her girl-next-door look and beautiful smile.
Secret: Scarlett never leaves the house without some ear buds in her handbag. She reckons there is no better way to solve a make-up dilemma.

Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
Famous for: Wrinkle-free skin
Secret: Nicole believes that you keep wrinkles at bay with a good night’s sleep and Clarins night cream. Try Clarins Multi-Active Youth Recovery Comfort Cream (for normal to dry skin), R620.

Celebrity: Kate Beckinsale
Famous for: Her lush lashes
Secret: To coat her lashes, Beckinsale uses Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, R94.95 in Blackest Black. She thinks its great value (and so do we!) and you can get it almost everywhere.

Celebrity: Drew Barrymore
Famous for: Her infectious smile
Secret: Drew doesn’t believe in splurging on expensive lip glosses. Her favourite gloss is Rimmel. Try Rimmel Royal Gloss Lipgloss in Candylicious, R49.95.

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