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The cutest beauty balm on the block

I love these gorgeous little balms that landed on my desk, new from Balm Balm. They come in such pretty pastel colours like blue, pink, purple and green and are perfect for treating your skin this winter.

Balm Balm is one of the UK’s leading, 100% Organic skincare companies. It is endorsed by the FSC, Soil Association, Leaping Bunny and the Carbon Neutral Company. There is a balm for all, including a lip balm, face balm, baby balm, foot balm and hand balm. Best of all, all their balms are┬ámultifunctional, so they can be used all over! The body specific ones are just better suited to those areas…

Balm Balm Face Balm
Comes in Tea Tree, a Fragrance Free Face Balm (featured above) and Rose & Geranium Face Balm. Ideal for the areas of the face and body that need soothing; cheeks, lips, neck, hands, arms, legs and feet. R140/ 30ml.

Balm Balm Foot Balm
Comes in a blue Tea Tree pot, ideal for soothing tired, overworked feet. It can be used all over, but works wonders on tired, achy or calloused feet. R143/ 30ml.

Balm Balm Hand Balm
Comes in Rose & Geranium, a pink pot that soothes the condition of hands, nails and cuticles. Its super concentrated with a multipurpose blend of natural oils and waxes, infused with rose geranium essential oil. R143/ 30ml.

Lip Balm Tube
Comes in three variants; Tea Tree, Fragrance Free as well as Rose & Geranium (featured above). This is the perfect size to pop into your handbag to nourish lips on the go. R82/ 10ml.

All Balm Balm balms are made from shea butter, calendula, sunflower oil, beeswax, jobajoba, essential oils (accept the Fragrance Free versions) and nothing else!

Also part of the Balm Balm range, Little Miracle Rosehip Serum. This is made from super fine, luxury oils that are so similar to your skin’s own makeup, they are absorbed leaving no oiliness at all. Tried, tested and loved, this is a fabulous little product that helps to restore, revitalise, nourish, oxygenate, balance, soothe, protect and stimulate the skin. It has many uses, but I love adding a few drops to my nighttime bath.

All Balm Balm bath and body oils are made from 100% Organic Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils (accept for the Fragrance Free versions) and nothing else!

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