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A Splash of Colour Before (and During) Winter

April 26, 2012

Every StyleScoop fashionista knows that nails have become the ultimate accessory to complete any outfit. Now, according to myself – (and those in the know) winter need not be dull and dreary; in fact this is the perfect time to liven things up a bit, and you can start with interesting fingertips.

COLOUR BLOCKING is still very much a hot trend this season. We see it everywhere; from runways to magazines, with every second celeb strutting around in bold colours. What defines this style is colour contrast and certainly not subtle shades. The more daring, the better! But you can still do your own version colour blocking even if the very bold look is just not for you.

How about bold colour on your nails?

Bold doesn’t necessarily mean bright! The general idea for colour blocking nails, is that you can go as bold as you like. For instance, combine blue, yellow and red or do a more sophisticated version of the same idea by adding your colours to one or two nails instead of all ten. Nail fashionista Sonette van Rensburg and I had tons of fun applying this look with CND Shellac in Rock Royalty, Wildfire and Rubble.

You can do the same by paining your nails with one solid colour, letting it dry and then using tape to mask the areas of your nail you dont want to paint over, then paint over them in another striking shade. This will ensure precise, crisp lines. Make sure the first layer of nail polish is bone dry before you apply your tape though!

I must say, I even like the contrast between the cooler colours on my nails and the gold ring! Gone are the days where pink and red don’t go and your nails need to match your lip colour!

Top Tip: Remember to apply a quality base coat before application and follow with a top coat afterwards to ensure your colour stays locked in and lasts.

COLOUR. No rules. What will it be?

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