Healthy Nails – Do’s and Don’ts

Healthy Nails – Do’s and Don’ts

Beautiful, healthy natural nails can be yours!


1. Visit your salon for regular manicures – not only does this benefit your natural nail health, but makes you feel pampered too!
2. Apply cuticle oil on a daily basis, this helps to keep the moisture and oil balance in the nail. It feeds the matrix (root of the nail) hence producing healthier nail cells. It also keeps the cuticles soft – preventing splits and tears. Solaroil is a great choice.
3. Always use a good quality base and top coat if you are applying nail enamel. This will prevent stains and ensure your polish stays on for longer.
4. Invest in a fabulous hand cream, preferably a moisturising cream with anti-aging properties.
5. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your hands as well!


1. Never soak dehydrated natural nails in water or have a water-based manicure! Instead, ask for a hot oil based manicure.
2. Never cut your cuticles, or allow someone to. It is okay to remove a dead tag of skin, but cutting live tissue is simply not recommended.
3. Don’t overbuff the natural nail! Buffing of the nails can be done about once a month, provided that a very fine buffer is used.
4. Never, ever rip or pull nail enhancements off, as this will be very damaging to the natural nail. If you no longer wish to have them, ask your nail professional to remove them the correct way.

Remember, nails are Jewels – not tools. Accessorize!

Nail Fashionista - Jo-D Strӧh