Ode to Christian Louboutin….

So my friend Sonette (van Rensburg) and I are absolutely obsessed with shoes, which girl isn’t? Our obsession with shoes is just as big as our obsession with nails! The problem is, those shoes that we develop a fetish for, are normally those that we just cannot afford to buy in a heartbeat.

The next best thing….. wear the shoe on your nails!

Sonette used CND Shellac Blackpool layered with Negligee to give my nails a darkish navy hue, and Wildfire on the stiletto-shaped ring finger. We then encrusted the index fingers with random coloured stones, and viola – Christian Louboutin Jeweled Multi-color Platform Slingbacks on my tips!

Stiletto shaped nails are at the height of fashion right now, ask your manicurist for a pointier, elongated shaped look – it looks very sophisticated when teamed with the right colour!

Nails will remain the ultimate accessory. “It” nails are almost replacing the “it” bag at the moment, sooooo bling it up – and let me know if you see the perfect pair of Jimmy Choo’s!!

Nail Fashionista - Jo-D Strӧh
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