Beauty Trend: Lip Butters

Beauty Trend: Lip Butters

There’s no denying it, I’m a sucker for new beauty products. L’Oreal ads tell me I’m worth it, and Emma Stone looks so gorgeous as the new Revlon cover girl, that I’ve left with no option but to purchase! The latest trend for the perfect pout is a new lipstick-lip balm combo, the lip butter.

L’Oreal and Revlon have both released sell-out ranges of lip butters – I bought L’Oreal Rouge Caresse in Dating Coral, and Revlon ColourBurst in Sugar Frosting. Both collections have similar cutesy names, like Cup Cake, Fashionista Pink and Cheeky Magenta.

Both products are pretty similar in that they give a pop of colour, like a lipstick, and moisturise, like a balm. Admittedly, I avoid applying lipstick free hand in fear of “going outside the lines” but lip butters are perfect for quick, full colour lip (no compact needed). They don’t have the staying power of a lipstick, but I’ve found that I’ve been using them instead of my regular balm, so not only are my lips hydrated and but have a shiny glow of colour too.

The lip butters range from cotton candy pinks to deeper reds. I found that Sugar Frosting gives the perfect hint of pink, and goes nicely with highlighted, dewy skin. Dating Coral has more peachy undertones so suits more of a bronzed look.

I checked both companies Facebook pages, and according to L’Oreal, their Rouge Caresse are already in SA stores, and Revlon’s ColourBurst will be in store from the 15th May.

Bronwyn Holmes