Caviar and Champagne Nails!

Caviar and Champagne Nails!

I am always keen to try a new style of nail-art, and this year, it looks like the caviar manicure will be trending!

What is a caviar manicure you ask? Tiny little beads, dropped into wet nail polish and viola, caviar on your tips!

Caviar nails can be a fun way to dress up your nails, so I asked Nail Stylist Sonette van Rensburg for some of her fave looks and tips.

Colour Caviar

For a funky and fun look, these multi coloured beads remind me of hundreds and thousands sprinkled on a cupcakes – mmm!

Black Glam

Want something more chic? Sophisticated black or dark blue beads dropped into black polish can be teamed with that little LBD and killer heels for you night out on the town!

Pure White

Another great style to try if you’re more into “toned down nails” is this simple, pure white look! It’s fabulousness without the in-yer-face bling factor!

This 3D manicure style will definitely be a topic of conversation all on it’s own! I don’t think it’s practical for someone who picks at their polish, ask me – I just HAD TO have a go at my lovely crystals from last week’s Louboutin tips . Regardless, I am definitely trying out Caviar for my next fabulous event! With it being that pretty…. I am sure I will be envied by all.

What’s your fave Caviar look? Comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Ciate Caviar Manicure will soon be available in South Africa, distributed by Maskscara – 0861 846 873

Images courtesy of Ciate. (Maskscara) 

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