Insta-Scoop: My Week in Instagrams

Insta-Scoop: My Week in Instagrams

Good morning fashionistars! Hope you all had a great weekend and that the start to your new week is a good one! As always, here’s a quick wrap of my week in Instagrams for you to enjoy…

My Week In InstagramsI discovered an awesome li’l shop at La Lucia Mall called Lovisa. It’s a full on accessories shop, kind of like Diva, with the most amazing rings on the planet!  I snapped up some pics of the ring-bling, my favourite being the tribal inspired black, gold and white ring on the left!

My Week In InstagramsOn Tuesday I was invited to the Luxottica Buyers Day, a chance for me to check out the amazing new sunglasses collections that will be in store for us soon!  If you didn’t already know, I am obsessed with sunglasses!!! I guess you could say that appreciate the little things in life… shoes, handbags and sunglasses!

In the top left pic I’ve snapped up three of my favourite Dolce & Gabbana sunglass styles – on top right you’ll see the one pair a little bit better. This pair has been created to resemble an iconic Dolce & Gabbana Bustier. Then lets talk a bit about the sunglasses I’m wearing… PRADA baby! I wasn’t sure about these at first, but after putting them on, you have to admit that they are super beyond cool! They kind of remind me of Grease (the movie) and I could picture strolling the streets of Paris in a polka-dot dress and wearing these shades or maybe jetting around on my Vespa? Totally unique and very retro, these are based on the Prada Classic American Car collection, and their Spring 2012 Campaign!

My Week In InstagramsOn the way to the event on Tuesday, the Durban sky was beautiful! This week I also (finally) found a pair of flat black, riding boots that I absolutely love from local, South African brand, Tsonga!

20120520-181740.jpgI also scored at the Diva “Buy two items for R100” sale. First this cool lime yellow/ citrus cross ring that will even match my Raphaella Booz wedges perfectly! The bottom arm candy is also one of the items I picked up at the sale. I also discovered Sleek makeup in South Africa. A lot of beauty guru’s on Youtube have been talking about it, and when I spotted it at Foschni, I just had to have it. Never mind the gorgeous colours and highly pigmented colours, this palette of 12 colours cost only R100! That’s a serious score! On the left, you’ll see my new Tsonga Boots! Love, love, love em!

20120520-181718.jpgI got my hands on a pair of gorgeous Ray-Ban Aviators 🙂 I’ve been wanting a pair for the longest time and finally found a pair I love and suit me perfectly! Mine are the Ray-Ban smaller sized 3025 aviators with brown gradient lenses and gold frames. I love them to bits and pieces! I now have my eye on the folding Ray-Ban aviators! Told ya, I’m obsessed with Sunglasses!

20120520-181801.jpgA few random snaps here… I decided to organize (so that I can find and use) my el cheapo sunglasses that were just chucked into a draw. I found a cheap and clever way to store and display them. All you need is a very basic coat hanger – I like the wire ones you get from dry cleaners because you can bend the hook anyway you want it! They now hang pretty in my closet room. Next, my fave skincare brand optiphi have launched an amazing dual-2-in-one product that’s perfect for when I travel. You can read more about the product here. Lastly, another gorgeous Durban sunset.

20120520-182046.jpgSpeaking of organizing and closet rooms, here’s how I store my jeans! I hate folding them because I can never find them, so instead I hang them on wooden hangers. That way I can see the waistband, the colour and more importantly the fit of the leg (wide, bootleg, skinny, straight etc). This way of hanging them has helped me wear my jeans instead of just collecting them! Some of them fit on a normal wooden hanger, like my low waist jeans, but for the ones where the loops don’t fit on the hooks, I found wooden hangers with clips at Mr Price Home, that are a dream! I need to get more!

The bottom left pic is a snap of my friend Angelique’s gorgeous Union Jack clutch! I love the Union Jack design and have been keeping an eye out for a clutch similar to this for ages! If you happen to know where I can get one right now, please let me know :).

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How was your week/ weekend? Do anything fab/ fun/ fabulous? Comment below, let me know

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