Ombre! Before and After

Ombre! Before and After

Ombre Hair is the biggest trend this season! A few weeks ago I posted about trying this style out on my hair, so here you go…. Hair by the fabulous and talented Louise at Zephyr Hair in Gillits – KZN.

My hair colour before was a pretty light shade after multiple applications of highlights! As much as I loved the golden glow, with winter approaching I wanted to go darker but not too dark, so Ombre hair was the perfect fit for me.

Louise working her magic!

I do love the Ombre hair trend, but for my hair I didn’t want an in-your-face contrast between dark and light, so asked Louise to give it a more blended effect. She applied a darker shade over my roots into the middle of my lengths using Loreal 4.3 and leaving out the already lighter ends of my hair. After letting the colour set for 35 minutes, she ran a comb through my ends to blend the darker colour into the highlights, and then it was onto the basin for washing and rinsing.

The finished look, Olé Ombre hair!

I’m really loving this look and might get a bit braver next time and make it more in-your-face Ombre!

If you’re a Durban girl give Louise a shout, she can be reached at Zephyr Hair Design, 7 Old Main Road, 3610 Gillitts, – 031 7670848/9

Ombre Hair

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