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Mrs Mark Zuckerberg; The Dress, The Ring

May 29, 2012

When you picture the wedding of a man who is worth about $19 billion (+/- R159 billion), you might expect a touch of extravagance or a designer wedding dress at the very least. Mark Zuckerberg proved otherwise when he wed his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, last weekend and all she got was a ruby ring which leaves us rather underwhelmed.

Spotted a few days ago, here's a peek of Priscilla's ring (image via spyghana.com)

According to reports, Zuckerberg designed the $25 000 (about R209 000) ring himself because “red has more meaning and emotion in Asia”. He is much better at designing social networks, it would seem. Sweet sentiment with the red stone but after nine years together, surely a girl deserves a diamond (especially when your husband isn’t short of a few billion).

The bride wore an off-the-rack Claire Pettibone gown which was about as low-key as the wedding. Although, we would’ve preferred a bit more glitz and glam, the bride doesn’t seem unhappy.

The dress by Claire Pettibone (image by onewed.com)


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  • Moira Grace

    The celebs get married and divorced as if it is a fashion show!! Lets hope the simplicity of this show is good Karma:)