Customize your nails

Customize your nails

It seems as though the world has become totally and utterly obsessed with nails!

Manicures, Nail Enhancements, Nail wraps, Nail polishes, Nail coatings and Nail Art. You only have to surf the Internet to see what I am talking about. Nails are everywhere; Facebook, fashion blog’s, the catwalks and fashion magazines.

Well cared for hands and feet are an important part of looking and feeling good. It is definitely not something that should be overlooked or underestimated. The first thing I look at when I meet a person is their hands and feet. No matter how beautifully you may be dressed or how good your hair looks, you cannot get around the fact that if your nails are not done, you’re just not done.


Celebs are always a great source of inspiration and showcasing something new, different and unique. Sometimes showing us what’s not so hot, but for the most part, making women want to follow in their footsteps as they set the trends with their tantalizing talons. Some celebs sporting more sophisticated, classic and natural nail palettes, while the more rebellious ones like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna love to show off more daring in-your-face looks and are not afraid of colour or glitz.

Nail salons are now offering more than just basic nail services, but a selection of hand & foot beauty services and treatments to suit every clients needs. Among them are custom colour enhancements and nail coatings. From celebrity to career woman and teenager to supermodel, everyone is excited about the myriad of nail style possibilities and trends available.

Custom nail designs were hot on the fashion catwalks this season. There were some eye-blinding brights, inspired by the ’60s and, as with every season, the tasteful barely there nude nails also proved to be popular.

This new revolution in nail application makes use of a variety of techniques to create different effects, designs and patterns. It can be done in the brightest of colours and customized just for you – it’s like Haute Couture but for nails.

A custom blended manicure means endurance and impeccable grooming all of the time with minimal effort, and no drying time. This is a manicure that will protect the natural nail so well that women with naturally weak nails will be able to grow long, strong nails.


In line with this ever-growing and popular professional nail coating trend, Minx Nails has recently introduced an innovation first: offering a metallic base coat in combination with translucent Minx templates, which presents a number of designs possibilities.

One can layer the transluscent design options either over a shiny metallic base coat, like gold or silver, or go for something a little less flashy, like a gel polish as the base. My absolute favourite for toes at the moment is Shellac “City Scapes” (a soft grey tone) or Shellac “Romantique” (a soft opaque pink) layered with Minx Naja Johny over.

I just love the contrast of the soft pastel colours peeping through the black lacy transparent design, offering a very unique classic look.

By the Nail Fashionista’s Jo-D Stroh and Sonette van Rensburg
Images courtesy CND

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