Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Last weekend one of my BFF’s, Chontell got engaged. Her BF, Danny planned an amazing secret Flash Mob Proposal at Suncoast Casino and they got the whole thing on Video! How awesome…

Danny and Chontell are both professional Dancers, who have a dance company together  D&C Adidas Dancers, so the whole Flash Mob proposal was both unique and totally fitting to both of their personalities, lives and passions!

They had been dating for five years. “I really was surprised, but what a beautiful surprise, I’ve always known that Dan was the one for me, but was blown away at how thought-out his proposal was! What he did represents us and our lives to the T, it was so unique and I will never forget that moment, a moment that will always take my breath away” said Chontell

Well done Chon and Dan! You guys are an awesome couple!

Dimi Ingle

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