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Tame your Mane

June 12, 2012

At the beginning of last month, I was invited to try out KeraStraight – a keratin straightening and hair repair treatment at the beautifully decorated Hairven salon at Hillcrest’s Heritage Market. It’s a great treatment to try if you’re having problems managing  your hair, or if it’s just looking frizzy and takes too long to style.

About the treatment

KeraStraight is an in-salon treatment (so no, you can’t do it yourself). The process involves getting your hair washed with a special cleansing shampoo – that deep cleans your hair and opens up the hair cuticle. Then, one of three KeraStraight treatments is applied to the hair (depending on your hair’s condition). It is then combed through and left to develop before blow drying and ironing. Then another wash at the basin before rough drying the hair to reveal how beautifully conditioned and shiny it looks. Be prepared though, you will be spending a good couple of hours at the salon, but the treatment is totally worth it.

What I like about this treatment is that there were no nasty fumes during the process. I have had other “keratin treatments” that left my eyes watering because of the fumes, but with this one there was none of that. In fact, it actually smelt rather pleasant – almost fruity!

I also liked that KeraStraight isn’t a one-size-fits-all keratin treatment and that there are three different strengths depending on your hair’s condition. Colour Protect for very week or fragile hair, ideal for platinum blondes or hair that is highly coloured and porous. KS Complex for normal hair that’s wavy and unruly or damaged and KS Intensive which is ideal for hair that’s very resistant, very curly, afro or “virgin” hair that hasn’t been coloured before

KS Complex was used on my hair because although I do have straight hair, it is quite damaged and gets super firzzy!

What KeraStraight Does

  • Same Day Shampoo
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Straightens & Repairs Simultaneously
  • 3 Variants – Benefits for all hair types
  • Nano-Molecules of 22 Carat Gold
  • Lasts up to 4 Months
Like most of the keratin straightening treatments, if you want yours to last, you have to use the accompanying shampoo and conditioner as sulphate from normal ones strips out the keratin. I didn’t and the treatment still lasted four weeks which was impressive, but now that my hair is back to it’s crazy-tangly self, I wish I had used the right shampoo!
I found that KeraStraight also cut down my styling time making my hair dry in half the time which left more time for makeup 🙂

For more information on KeraStraight and to find a salon in your area, visit If you’d like to get this treatment done at Hairven in Hillcrest, you can call them on 031 765 3014.

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  • Can you tell us how much it costs? 🙂

  • Varsha

    yes please. Price as compared to the Brazilian treatment

  • @Kerastraight – “What I like about this treatment is that there were no nasty fumes like other “keratin treatments…”

  • Fantastic KeraStraight review from South Africa

  • “@kerastraight: Fantastic KeraStraight review from South Africa” we love @Roe11hair

  • Hi ladies. Prices for a Kerastraight treatment is between R1100.00 to 3000.00 depending on the length of the hair. The Client would need a consultation before the treatment.

    Hope that helps!

  • Mais um excelente artigo sobre KeraStraight na África do Sul!

  • John

    Kerastraight is everything theut sight clain (at least for me) I am a fourty five yo man and retired from tge military I decideg to grow out my hair. To my shock I had curly hair never knew as my hair has always been very short. I looked in to all claim of customers/product lines though all claim how wonderful they are and have customer raves on all as ccounts there were contrary claims that the oroducts did all sort of aweful things (I think in some cases these contrary clains are propaganda written by competition to influence) any way I sorted through many many reviews and found the ones written on kerastraight/brazilian blow out seemingly most sincere/truthfull so I went with Kerastraight offered at Ultra. As I was sitting in the chair watching all this mixing and putting the product in my hair and the flat ironing I started to regret getting started and painfuly started to think of having to pay the 175 bucks after to only have the bad reviews result in my case. She washed my hair after (some salons leave it in for 3 days be fore washing ) and she partially dried it and asked me if I wanted it fully dry and I said yes . She told innitally it was not going to be compleetly straight after but natuarly wavy. Afyer she was done I was amazed and had to conceal my enthusiasm of how my hair looked. As she was telling me what products to use and how in five days it would feel and look even better I could already not believe how unbelievably heatthy it looked and felt. I was completely in hair contition shock. Well today is the second day and I “guy” styled my hair as i always had. (No product after the shower and towel dried shook my head and let it dry on its own before I brushed it; it feels and looks like a woman’s hair that has pamoered her hair for years. The bottom line is this treatment is unbelievable until it is done and even better (other than javing to use fancy-smancy shampoo and conditioner) I don’t have to do anything but clean condition and done