Nails gone DOTTY!

Nails gone DOTTY!

In the fashion industry, Polka dots seem to come back and forth in waves, and while this pattern is still hot, I thought I’d get the scoop on this trend for nails before it disappears again.

Somehow, polka dots, checks and stripes all seem to be happy combinations – so you can combine the lot or focus on one trend at a time. What works well for this look is a good contrast in colour, or complimenting colours – even different gradients of the same shade work well together!

My friend Ags (Agniewska von Barbeleben) lives in Poland and runs a nail blog called “Obsessions. I was browsing it the other day and spotted (excuse the pun ) some of her work with polka dots…

Creating polka dot nails is easy these days thanks to nail art pens, dotting tools and stripers being readily available. Remember this post on StyleScoop featuring the Inglot Nail Art Pens? They are just one example of goodies that are already out there to help you get arty!

My personal favourite way to wear polka dots on your nails, the pink “Tiara Tip” Additive by CND – pure princess!

The next look I would like to try combines shiny and matt textures on your nails. Be sure not to miss the next installment of Nail Fashionista on StyleScoop!

Images 2&3 courtesy of Obsessions Nails, image 5 courtesy CND
Nail Fashionista - Jo-D Strӧh