Insta-Scoop: Pink Porsche, Pink Lips and a Night at the Saxon

Insta-Scoop: Pink Porsche, Pink Lips and a Night at the Saxon

Where to start? Load’s happened last week from staying over at the amazing Saxon Hotel to checking out pink Porsche’s at the Top Gear Festival, as well as other very cool stunts by the Top Gear Team on Sunday… Here’s a wrap of my week in instagrams….


Jetting off! Getting ready to leave sunny Durbs to attend the British Airways celebration event in a much colder Jozi on Tuesday! I was so amped to have received my new TUMI travel bag (part of the TUMI Tegra Lite Collection) earlier in the week and take it on it’s first StyleScoop travel! This one is much lighter than my Arrive – which means more room for extra outfits. I love it, so expect a full post on it’s awesomeness soon!


Some pics of my Room at the Saxon and snippets from the British Airways celebration event. Check out the link for more pics about the event – sadly I was too far from the “action” to take any good pics, but you can view some of the official press images via the link.


Staying at the SAXON was truly an amazing experience! People like Oprah, Bill Clinton, The Beckhams and other schelebs have stayed here! Not to mention, Nelson Mandela stayed here for six months while writing his memoirs! The hotel, amazing! The rooms, amazing! I’ll definitely show you guys more, but for now, here are some snippets of the breakfast display, the lovely robes (fit for a king) and a little bedtime snack.


If you’re a Durbanite, I’m sure you were at the Top Gear Festival on Saturday or Sunday! I’m a huge fan of Porsche! The 911T has been my ultimate car since I can remember. And like most die-hard Porsche fans, I’m not overly keen on the Boxter – although I do love the Porsche Cayman? Strange but true! Anyway, I spotted this Pink Boxter, which I thought looked pretty cool, I doubt I would do that to any kind of car I had, but if it was all StyleScoop branded, then why not 🙂


At the Top Gear Fest was really fun! I enjoyed the Stadium show the most. Car soccer – where SA kicked England’s butt (again!), to Porsche’s on fire! Plus the three amigos were really entertaining to watch!


Back to beauty! Loving this pink lip at the moment. It’s L’Oreal’s Caresse in Lovely Rose, and is one of the new lip butters that are on trend at the moment. The colour is cute and girly, but makes your lips feel super soft and girly!

How was your week? Get up to anything interesting? Remember if you’re on Instagram, you can follow me on stylescoopza


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