Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic Nail Polish

We really are so spoilt when it comes to creative nail choices these days. I’m constantly amazed by the awesome things they come up! Something that recently caught my eye is LCN’s Magnetic Nail Polish.

It’s not just another fancy name given to make the nail polish sound cool, LCN’s Magnetic Nail Polish does in fact have a magnetic field and using a magnet, you can give your nails a totally unique, almost 3D look!

How it works…

You apply a coat of LCN Magnetic Nail polish to your nails as you would any normal nail polish. One, thick layer is all you need. Before it dries, place the magnet over your nail (without touching the nail of course) and hold it there for about 30 seconds. You’ll soon notice the 3d effect starts to take place.

There are a number of colours available in the Magnetic range, I used “Green Temptation” a pretty, forest green that looks awesome with this effect.

Oh, and you’re probably wondering whether or not you need the LCN magnet or if any magnet will do? Well, I tried it out with a normal magnet and the effect I got was a nice solid ball in the centre of my nail – not cool! The LCN magnet (R200 each) has nice diagonal lines that come to life on the polish.

You can also use the polish on it’s own if you want a metallic shade, but the magnetic effect is so much nicer! 

I found this video on Youtube by LCN USA, which I think explains the application really well!

LCN Magnetic Nail Polish costs R125 each. Magnets are available in two designs and cost R200 each!

For information and stockists please call LCN on 0877 510 410

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Magnetic Nail Polish

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