Beam me up Scotty!

<em>Beam</em> me up Scotty!

After attending the most amazing product launch this week, I got inspired to write about something completely different… Galactic if you wish. Not only is navy THE colour extraordinaire for winter on the nail side, but it’s also my own fave colour of the month. 

You’ll see some fabulous, navy-inspired nails in this blog from the 2012 Fall Winter Shows at New York Fashion Week, but I’ll also give you sneak at a very unique new offering from Anesi called Celestial Secret

Milly by Michelle Smith

Milly by Michelle Smith

Karen Walker

Karen Walker

Celestial Secret contains Meteorite extract (yes, it is no misprint), a few terrestrial minerals and has been developed to slow down chronological ageing.

I cannot wait of course for Dimi (our very own out of this world editor to try this stuff) as she always givs us the best bottom line possible!

Back to the nails… Dont you think these nails from Nailing Hollywood’s Tumblr are too cute? I just love them! Perhaps because I have always loved wearing navy on my toenails, normally by layering an opalescent sheer pink over black polish. Somehow I  started getting bored with them, the same way you do with navy court shoes (eeeek, but this, just gives navy a new twist!

Anyhoo, I am off to discover new planets with all my new ideas!!!

Backstage images all courtesy of CND – Photos by Jennifer Graylock –

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