The StyleScoop PURE Palette by INGLOT

The <em>StyleScoop PURE Palette</em> by INGLOT

I have some very exciting news to share with you guys today… As you know INGLOT is one of my personal favourite makeup brands for eye shadows! Not only do they have a gazillion colours to choose from in their freedom system, but they are super pigmented and long lasting. Better yet, they are affordable at only R79 for over 2 grams of shadow!

The only problem with INGLOT (if you want to call it that) and I’m sure many of you will agree, is that there are so many colours, it’s often difficult to choose a single shade. I’ve often found myself going in there to buy a brown and been so overwhelmed by the different brown choices, that I end up not buying anything!

So, I thought I’d make it easier for you guys. I’ve put together a palette of colours that I think will work on just about anyone, and named it the STYLESCOOP PURE PALETTE by INGLOT! If you like this colour palette you can go into any INGLOT standalone store and ask for it by name, so there is no need to write down the different codes for each colour.

This gorgeous 5-pan palette is my absolute fave at the moment and although I do have quite a collection of eye shadow options in my collection, I’ve been using only these five, together and alone for some time now. The colours are pretty basic, but I found that picking one “stand out” shade (like the cranberry shade in the middle) and combining it with normal, day-to-day colours you don’t really need much more! 

There are a ton of looks you can come up using this palette and I think it’s a great one for winter! Try a “natural” eye by blending in the first two shades (337+360),  something more wintry and defined by combining 2 and 4 (360+326), or something eye-poppingly pretty using shades 1, 3 and 5 (337+450+63).

In the pic above you can see how beautiflly the colours come out. All these have been swatched on my skin using a blending brush. They are all matte shades, accept for the middle shade (which is pearl), so they are nice and easy to blend. The middle colour comes out nicely with a blending brush too, but if you apply a layer over it on your lid using your finger, you can get more a satiny, almost metallic effect.

One tip with the black eye shadow. I found it quite difficult to get it to last all day, but there is a way around it! Make sure you conceal your eyelids before applying and try using a dense, flat brush instead of a blending brush for a gorgeous black!

I’ll be working on some face charts using this palette which I’ll post for you guys next week, but if you’d like to include some of your own suggestions on mixing and matching these shades, please post them in the comment box below, I’d love to read them!

Remember you can ask for this palette by name, The StyleScoop PURE Palette at any Inglot store. However, if you want to buy some of the shades indivdually from their website, I’ve included the codes (above) to make life a little easier.

I hope you guys will find this easier to shop for colours at INGLOT. Let me know your thoughts,  would you like to see more StyleScoop Palettes with tips and suggestions on how to mix and match the colours?

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