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Seriously Awesome Hair Products We Haven’t Featured Before

July 3, 2012

On hectic days like yesterday’s Manic Monday, I often have to get ready super-fast, so that I can squeeze as much work into the morning, before the day runs away from me! Know the feeling? One of the things I often cut short is my hair styling time!

I don’t know about you girls, but my hair needs to be washed (and dried with a dryer) every single day. If it’s not, then halfway through the afternoon it starts looking limp and so not fabulous! So, I’m always looking for new products to make my hair stay clean, shiny and full of life, but I’d also like to get a day off from having to wash it every day (even though I do prefer it squeaky clean daily). 

Here are some new, exciting and never been featured before hair products that I’m enjoying right now. I have (most) of these sitting in my shower, and use them on different days depending on how my hair looks and feels at the time…

To scroll through the selection, click the product thumbnails below or use the black arrow to the right to start the slideshow and read up on all of them…



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  • ullricke van zyl

    WOW great to have a range for all tipes of hair,,,sometimes my hair are to dry and then again to oily,, and nice to have a pump bottle, cause no one puts back the caps. TX

  • Ullricke, your hair sounds like mine! Yes, pump bottles are also great to have 🙂